Virginia Apple Growers have teamed up with one of the hottest selling items in New England schools - GRAB APPLES !!

These pre-sliced, ready to eat Virginia grown apples are now available from Fruit Hill Slices LLC, a partnership of Virginia apple growers.

Sliced in NY by Champlain Valley Specialty Company, GRAB APPLES are shipped directly to Virginia schools and their distributors. The slices are preserved with Vitamin C and Calcium, stay fresh for 3 weeks and come packaged in 2 oz., 2.8 oz. and 3lb bags.

  • Market studies have shown that sliced apples on lunch trays are consumed by 90% of students.
  • To place your order or request samples, simply call me at (540)323-0221 or email
  • Make Virginia apples a staple on your lunch menus and promote your students' health and Virginia agriculture at the same time!

Thanks for your willingness to buy Virginia Apples!


Katherine Whitesell, President
Fruit Hill Slices LLC